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May. 28th, 2010


i have been in a cave.

Okay not really, but i may aswell... january was the last time i posted and i have no idea why...
ALOT has happened since last time....
-I got hitched so now im actually MRS TAYLOR now whoooo 
-Found out 2 weeks before the wedding that we are expecting our first child, was a big shock but so excitied that Im going to be a Mummy :)
-Found out who I can actually count on and who was only in my life only to suck the life out of me and use me... so they are gone...

As of current I am 12 weeks preggo and everything changes haha I thought being a chick was hard enough with moods and emotions but I had no idea what i was actually going to go through....
I am SO over morning sickness its HORRID, no amount of remedys will help if your body says NO then up it comes!

I dont really have much to report in I live a very boring life now.

untill next time

Jen xo

"Now's the time to move
We've got nothing left to lose
And I-I will swallow all my pride
If you do the same tonight

Aren't you sick of waking up
Feeling like you've wasted time?
Let the demons in your head
Take control of your mind"

Jan. 6th, 2010


Long lost friend...I'd abuse me if i were you... Get out!

I've decided that I want to move away.. far far away. I keep finding myself in trouble and Im not very proud of the person I am becoming.
So I have Europe, Adelaide, Brisbane or Cairns....
Either one would be just perfect and with my job being in Brisbane, odds are thats where Im going.
Current update since god, like Aug 2009.
1. Got engaged, go me!
2. Got a rad job, strathfield selling peoples souls to Optus haha
3. Lost a number of people in my life, yet it dosen't effect me anymore...
4. Gained some awesome friends too.
5. Realised I hate the way I am so Ive started dieting and on meds ( well this afternoon to the docs) to help this fat bitch loose the pounds.
6. Im still crazy in love
7. I need to calm the fuck down, I am one moody bitch
8. I turn 23 in 2 months.... God help me Im getting old

Ive learnt that I really am my own worst enemy... I dont want to be the bitch everyone hates...
so Im changing my ways and pretty much going to be a hermit :) 

Come out Angels
Come out Ghosts
Come out Darkness
Bring everyone you know

I'm not running
I'm not scared
I am waiting and well prepared

I'm in the war of my life
At the door of my life
Out of Time and theres no where to run away

I've got a hammer
And a heart of glass
I got to know right now
Which walls to smash

I got a pocket
Got no pill
If fear hasn't killed me yet
Than nothing will

All the suffering
And all the pain
Never liked to label

Im in the war of my life
At the door of my life
Out of time and there's nowhere to run

I'm in the war of my life
At the core of my life
I've got no choice but to fight
til it's done

No more suffering
No more pain
Never again

I'm in the war of my life

I'm in the war of my life
I'm at the core of my life
Got no choice but to fight  til it's done
So Fight on, fight on everyone, so fight on
Got no choice but to fight
I'm in the war of my life
I'm at the core of my life
I've got no choice but to fight
til it's done

Aug. 29th, 2009



as of current.
i hate my life.

Aug. 19th, 2009


Holding on to the nothing

"Could you excuse my apologies, wondering what could of been..."

Tears could burn a house down
when feelings really let go.
How it feels to hold you, I guess I'll never know
I wrap my arms around me, that centre place inside
where a life i thought's growing- makes me want to curl up and die.
Where I thought your soul was growing, feeling everything i did..
Wanting nothing but a family, to raise and love my kid....
Knowing what i felt was nothing, just an empty shell of dreams
and knowing what I'm wanting is further away- it seems.
Like lead balloon comes crashing down fast as it can get
Wanting your life more then anything, there'd be no stupid regrets....
My lifes point of change, is there upon that little screen....You can see it in my face
That my love for that child...
Who was never there in the first place..

Aug. 17th, 2009



"You did that to me"
I could never swap you for anyone in this world I never could never allow myself to let you walk away knowing that you would make someone else as happy as you make feel.
The way he makes me feel is indiscribeable.
I swear, oh I swear I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I get to wake up every morning with you... I get to fall asleep in your arms everynight. Your the last person I see when I go to sleep & the first person on my mind when I wake up.

Just Two.
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