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the rapture.

She's everything she forgot to be at twenty-three
She's hot, she's cold, she's just so clinically, cynically

Who's the girl with a heart shaped locket?
Sole survivor of a post-teen scene

Its days like this that I feel so alone in the world... When I cant even get my head to work with my fingers to get the effort to type how I really feel.
I am still trying to figure out what exactly I am ment to be doing while Im on this planet, not yet have I came to an answer thats even worth while chasing.... Just another void in the "empty dreams" basket....
I know i like helping people, but in saying that I also hate it- For once I'd like just someone to want to help me but its like fighting a losing battle I cant be helped unless I help myself.....
I swear the only thing that keeps me sane inbetween raging baby hormones and manic episodes is the escape I find in loud angry screaming music, I find it good therapy....
Today I might just take a walk along the waterfront....sunset sounds good, and hope when the sun goes down for today
  Tomorrow brings a brighter day